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Threes Room at Seedlings Day Nursery & Pre-school 

The Threes Room at Seedlings Day Nursery & Pre-school has a large area to play in so that there is space for all activities. There is consistency of staff with the room leader being a qualified teacher. In the room there are areas for the children including; 

Book Corner 

Where they can expand their knowledge of the world, other people cultures and traditions and introduce imaginary themes. There are puppets and puzzles to enhance the stories and to extend their learning. There are alphabet books to learn the alphabet as well as different formats of the written word. 
The children are able to get to know sounds words and language and develop early literacy skills. 
The children learn to value books and stories. 
The book corner develops a child’s brain and the ability to focus, concentrate, social and communication skills. 
The children learn the difference between real and make believe. 

Messy Play 

The three-year-old room has a separate messy room where the children can: 
Develop co-ordination and body control as children practice hand-eye co-ordination and develop their motor skills. 
Fosters curiosity, imagination and exploration. 
Encourages communication and language development. 
Good concentration and nurtures future skills. 
Promotes physical development. 
Ability to play independently. 
Understand how things feel such as temperatures and textures. 

Role play 

The three-year-old room has a large role play area where the children can: 
Role play is an effective way for children to make sense of the world around them. 
Develops communication and language skills 
Learn to empathise with others, taking part in a role play activity would usually mean that you are taking on the role of a character which will teach children about the empathy and understanding of different perspectives. 
Helps children learn about different cultures 
Sparks creativity and imagination 

Maths area 

There is a maths and problem-solving area where children can learn through play simple maths and problem solving. In this area we have puzzles, jigsaws, fiddle boards, counting and simple maths toys. We also have magnets and construction toys in this area. 

Construction area 

In this area we have a variety of construction toys that children can build with such as lego, bricks and blocks. There is plenty of room to build large or small construction pieces. 

Small world area 

In this area children can explore and use their imagination with the dolls house or railway track as well as a garage and a variety of cars. 
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